Guide to add custom ringtones to your iphone

1.On your Computer

1.Download the ringtones to your desktop.

2.Open iTunes and click on "Music".

3. Then click on the "Tones".

4. Now, drag the .m4r file that's on the desktop to the "Tones" on iTunes

5. Now click on the "iPhone".

6.Then click on the "Tones"

7.Check the tones you want to add to your iPhone.

8.Now click on the "Apply" button.

9. Connect your iPhone and click "Sync" to upload the tones to your iPhone.

2.On your iPhone

1.Once successfully synced, tap on your iPhone Settings app.

2.Tap on the "Sounds" option.

3.Then tap on the"Ringtone" option.

4. iPhone will now display the list of available ringtones and you should be able to see the newly added ringtone at the top of the page. Tap on the ringtone name to choose the ringtone as your default iPhone ringtone.